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CEDAR Project in detail


What is domestic violence or abuse?

Domestic abuse is the abuse of a person within an intimate or family relationship. The abuse can be physical, emotional, psychological, financial, or sexual.  If the person has been frightened and forced to change their behaviour, this is likely to have been abuse.

What does the CEDAR Project offer?

The CEDAR Project offers a safe friendly service for families with children who have been impacted by domestic abuse.  We have extensive experience of supporting adults and children impacted by domestic abuse.  We offer:

  • A safe friendly service

  • One to one session’s

  • Groupwork

  • Trips and outings

  • Telephone support

  • Fully trained staff and volunteers with enhanced DBS checks

CARIS (Children Acquiring Resilience in Schools) aimed at Supporting Primary Schools and Senior Schools helping children to understand their emotions see the seven steps on the website

What effect does it have on children?

Children and young people can suffer serious long-term emotional effects.  Even if they are not physically harmed, children and young people may suffer lasting emotional and psychological damage as a result of witnessing, hearing or becoming aware of the abuse. 

Children and young people may feel they are to blame or feel angry, guilty, insecure, alone, frightened, and powerless.  They may have confused feelings both towards the perpetrator and the non-abusing parent.

What symptoms do children experience when they have been affected by domestic violence?

  • Stress related illnesses

  • Anxiety or depression

  • Sleep problems

  • Nightmares or flashbacks

  • Unexplained physical symptoms such as tummy aches

  • Bed wetting

  • Temper tantrums

  • Truanting or problems at school

  • Aggression, violence and anti-social behaviour

  • Withdrawal from friends and family

  • Low self-esteem

  • Misuse of alcohol or drugs

  • Self-harm or suicidal thoughts

  • Eating disorders

What is the CEDAR PROJECT?

CEDAR stands for ‘Children Emerging from Domestic Abusive Relationships. The project aims to provide an outreach service to children and young people impacted by domestic abuse.

What services does the CEDAR Project offer?

The CEDAR PROJECT Co-ordinator can meet with families at their home, at a children’s centre, school or in a safe place in which they feel happy to meet. 

We aim to help children and young people to think about and understand their experiences of living with or witnessing domestic abuse.

We encourage parents to re-build their children’s self-confidence, improve their children’s self-esteem and we help families to recognise they are not alone.

Who is eligible for the service?

CEDAR supports families within the Bournemouth Poole and Christchurch with at least one child living at home who have been impacted by domestic abuse or emotional problems. It does not matter whether the domestic abuse is historic or still occurring.

We can help with:

  • Safety planning

  • One-to-one sessions in a safe and friendly environment using talking, listening and play techniques

  • Liaising with school

  • Telephone support – someone to listen when a parent needs to talk

  • Parenting advice

  • Access to courses and groups

  • Information about other services and resources

What is the referral process?

Referrals can be made by young people themselves, a family member or by local agencies e.g. The Family Court, School, GP, health visitors, social workers etc.

We will contact you to discuss your referral and then a CEDAR Co-ordinator will make contact with the family and arrange an initial visit.  If appropriate a programme of support will be offered. This may include one-to-one sessions, group-work, telephone support and sign-posting to other agencies.

Cedar Prime An all-inclusive approach for Children & Young People reducing the effect of domestic violence and difficult family experiences.

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