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The Seven steps to change for children at Primary age attending CARIS 
Children Acquiring resilience in Schools

As stated in the older children’s section when working with young people it must be recognised that everyone is an individual and will have their own particular needs and ways of learning. The Seven Steps listed below are a guide to understanding what can be achieved. The work is bespoke and should take into consideration the individual’s requirements.

Session One Introduction.

By the end of this session the child will have gained knowledge regarding how to use the booklet ‘My Mixed- Up Emotions and How To Understand Them’ helping them to increase their awareness of their emotions and to begin to build a positive relationship with the worker.

Session Two Worries

By the end of this session child will have learnt to identify what worries are and how they can affect them, how to identify trusted adults and learning about support networks.

Session Three Being Angry 

By the end of this session the child will gain knowledge of what makes people angry, how anger makes them feel and how anger can affect others around them.They will also gain new skills to manage their anger.

Session Four Being Sad

By the end of this session the child will understand how sadness can affect them, enable them to identify positive coping strategies to change their mood, and help them to recognise sadness in others and talk about how they could make others feel better.

Session Five Being Happy 

By the end of this session the child will be more aware of what makes them happy, and to be able to identify different ways to be happy.  This session can also be used to create positive memories when they feel low.

Session Six Being Nervous

By the end of this session the child will be able to recognise how being nervous can affect them and to develop different coping skills to help them and others.

Session Seven Evaluation personal safety

By the end of this session the child will have gained awareness of their own and others personal safety and who to call for help.  The child will be able to evaluate and celebrate their learning and the skills they have gained from the previous sessions.
By understanding their basic emotions and how these emotions can affect them and others around them the child will become more able to control their moods, be more empathic to others around them and feel confident and resilient to change.

Let's Work Together

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